Saturday, March 30, 2024

Onward to Paris with Jace

We said Auf Wiedersehen to Salzburg and two trains and a (one-hour late) Lufthansa flight later we landed at CDG.

We did manage a pleasing stop in a Lufthansa Senator Lounge at MUC (Munich).

Always time for a Bretzel.

The long moving sidewalks (they’re called “travelators” in some countries) fascinated Jace.

We enjoyed our overnight stay at the CDG Hilton better than our two previous stays.

A very nice woman introduced herself to us in the Executive Lounge. She has a son about Jace’s age and heard us talking about foreign languages to him. 

She encouraged Jace to study a foreign language. She told us of her family’s recent fascinating - downright scary •- experiences, which you can read in greater detail on her website.

The following morning we took the RER train into Paris, transferring to the Métro and finding our way to the Trocadéro station and the quite new Canopy by Hilton before noon. Our junior suite was ready. Hurray!

Jace has his own space, and we’re settling in for three nights.

Before heading out we rode up to the top floor to catch a view of the Eiffel Tower.

We then took the Métro to the Arc de Triomphe and took in the sights there before strolling down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

That included the memorial to the soldat inconnu - the unknown soldier.

Lots of sights, including this Levi’s ad for a ln upcoming store opening.

Time out for a Belgian chocolatier’s ice cream cone from Jeff de Bruges. Jace said it was “pretty good.”

At €7.50 for a medium cone, it darned well should be!

Dinner was at Mokus, a casual joint near our hotel. A second dessert in our hotel’s rooftop bar-with-a-view on a rainy night in their enclosed bubble rounded out our busy first half-day in Paris.

Jace enjoyed his first gelato of the trip.

Back at the Trocadéro Canopy by Hilton…

Jace pronounced his molten chocolate cake excellent.

And here is the view we came for…

A fine first day in Paris.


ginab said...

Love following your trips especially those with your grand kids .Lucky kids .

Kathy and Brian said...

Thanks for the kind words. We love our grandchildren and love travel. What could be better than travel with grandchildren?

FS said...

Another great post! The post from Tracy was quite a read -- thanks for sharing.

Oddly enough, my first (and only) trip to Paris was thirteen years ago this week. Nice to see some pics of a city I miss!

Kathy and Brian said...

Tracy is no doubt missing her own 11-year-old and genuinely enjoyed talking to our Jace. She’s a talented writer and we’ll check out her earlier posts when time permits.

Anonymous said...

Wow …. Now that is a view!!!! What an adventure and how lovely to have Jace with you …

Kathy and Brian said...

Showing the sights of Europe to a grandchild is great fun for us.