Tuesday, March 5, 2024

In Budapest: Overlooking the Fisherman’s Bastion

We happened to be seated for breakfast in the Hilton this morning with a view similar to the one from our suite.

That’s Fisherman’s Bastion above. Although this famous site looks medieval, and was based on previous historical structures, it was actually built in the late 1800s. Its seven towers symbolically commemorate the seven Hungarian chieftains who founded Hungary in 895 AD.

Back upstairs in Room 307, we took a moment to enjoy our private views.

According to Wikipedia, the Bastion “is one of the most important tourist attractions due to the unique panorama of Budapest from the Neo-Romanesque lookout terraces,” making the vista looking down on it from our windows extra special.


Anonymous said...

Always so interesting to see these spectacular sites… thank you

Kathy and Brian said...

Castle Hill is a lovely part of the city.