Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back in Bangkok For An Expensive Evening

We're down to the last two nights of our trip and enjoying the views from the Hilton Millenium Executive Lounge.

Soon we're now on our way to meet the boat from the Mandarin Oriental that's picking us up to attend their evening dinner show, featuring a dégustation menu of Thai specialies and classical Thai dancing. It's well recommended on Trip Advisor. The boat lands at the Hilton dock and we board, feeling like very special passengers.

The boat docks and in we sweep to be seated in a room with about 30 other paying customers. We're directly adjacent to the stage. Tom studies the wine menu thoroughly and eventually finds a modest bottle of Argentine Malbec that costs the better part of $100. Hmmm... The food arrives by stages and it's okay but not all that magnificent. Yui at A Lot Of Thai in Chiang Mai must have spoiled us forever.

Dessert arrives, nicely presented.

The dancing proceeds, with beautiful young performers in beautiful costumes.

After the brief show, a young dancer with an expensive manicure poses for a photo with Ellyn.

We ask for the check and it arrives promptly. 16,100 Thai Baht, about $272 a couple. Wow! For this we could have eaten well and gotten good seats for, say, a Broadway show in New York City. No wonder the place is so deserted. We leave with our wallets lightened considerably, realizing what a relative bargain the rest of our trip has been by comparison.

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