Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chiang Mai Food Fair

With A-Lot-Of-Thai Yui's help, we'd hired a very reliable "taxi meter," a beautiful air-conditioned taxi driven by Mr. Vichian Manoday, ph. no. 087-7858993, to drive us back to the Secret Garden after our first day, and to pick us up and return us our second day. He speaks some English, he struck as very honest, and his prices are reasonable. We recommend him to anybody visiting Chiang Mai.

We (Tom in particular) wanted to drop by the Chiang Mai Food Festival on our way back to the Secret Garden, and Mr. Vichian Manoday drove us there efficiently and picked us up an hour later. We belatedly determined that the festival site was located in a large field behind the shopping mall rather than inside. We finally found it, strolling by a veritable sea of parked motorcycles...

We enjoyed ourselves wandering around, looking and smelling.

We order ourselves a plate of duck and a small pitcher of beer to share and settle in for a few minutes.

Then it's a ride back to the Secret Garden in anticipation of an early morning ride to the elephant camp tomorrow.

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