Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Phuket to Chiang Mai: HKT-BKK-CNX On TG

After several relaxing days in Phuket it's time to travel to Chiang Mai. Our taxi ride traverses most of the island, during which we spot a pickup truck with no fewer than 17 passengers riding in the bed.

We fly two short legs on two big planes, HKT-BKK @428 miles, followed by BKK-CNX @351 miles, punctuated by stops in pleasant Thai Airlines lounges. We're also impressed of the level of service that TG flight attendants provide, including a small box containing a sandwich, a cookie, and a juice, followed up with multiple passes through the aisles with coffee and tea.

We land at Chiang Mai and are met immediately by Peter, our genial host at our next accommodation, the Secret Garden. Peter assists with our luggage, invites us into the resort's red pickup truck (similar to the pickup truck minibuses that run regular routes through the city), and drives us to our very special home for the next five nights.

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