Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Last Cruise Down The River

The Chao Praya River is still high, even though the worst of Thailand's 2010 flooding is over. The river itself is a significant transportation artery, although "only" 231 miles long. Its source is the confluence of the Ping and Nan Rivers and its mouth lies in the Gulf of Thailand.

A previous guest in the Millenium Hilton made and posted this time-lapse video capturing the river's hypnotic spell.

As for us, we're grateful for this final cruise, we're thrilled we returned to Thailand, this time with Tom and Ellyn, and we feel fortunate to have spent time among the wonderful people of this beautiful country.

As we land at the Hilton dock for the last time, we see a fisherman who's just caught a fish. He's proud of his catch, we're happy for him, and the river rolls on.


Kim said...

Incredible photos of the river and people! Really captured a slice of life there.

the Macs said...

We agree...great photos as they describe the area better than words could tell.We went onto your blog to see where you are now. Will E-mail your regular address. Don and Pat