Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Checking Out Chiang Mai: Soup Stop

We decide we're hungry and try to explain to our guide, a very nice lady whose English is limited, we'd like a bite to eat. We stop by the side of the road at a tiny market and our guide points us hopefully us toward local snacks of the potato chip genre - actually they look like mini-tacos but taste something like fortune cookies filled with a coconut-marshmallow-type substance. That's not quite what Tom has in mind and soon his sense of direction and his nose lead us toward a soup stand and a friendly soup lady.

While we wait for her to finish preparing the soup, we manage to take a photo of one of those little fan contraptions that circulate over food on display to keep the flies and bugs at bay.

Finally, and not a moment to soon, the soup arrives. It's delicious, the lady and her family and fellow workers seem pleased that we're pleased, and we enjoy one of our simplest, cheapest, and most satisfying meals of our trip.

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