Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Old Desynchronosis Blues

We've been home about a week now and still suffering from desynchronosis. Being 14 hours ahead in Thailand for 2 1/2 weeks leaves us with one more week to adjust, using the rule of thumb of one day per hour of time zone difference. Flying west to east doesn't help either, yet now it's nearly time to confuse our bodies some more.

Having "fallen back" to Standard Time this morning, we're packing up for a quick trip to Honolulu. Since Hawaii doesn't observe Daylight Saving Time, we'll be flying east to west to a time zone only two hours behind us.

As a consequence, we'll spend the coming Tuesday through Friday in a time zone 17 hours behind Bangkok before flying back to the future.

Since we'll be spending some time with our Aussie friends Bill and Sue, who will have just arrived from Oz, we may at least be able to synchronize our Circadian rhythms with theirs.

It may just be time for an all-night Spades tournament.

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