Thursday, February 10, 2011

Al Tre Scalini - A Splendid Soriano Nel Cimino Eatery

As we've written here recently, we've enjoyed good food in Soriano at several places, including the Palazzo Catalini, and I Due Camini.

While we won't play favorites, after a second visit to al Tre Scalini tonight we still really enjoy it.

After a long day hiking hiking up and down Assisi - and traveling to and from Assisi - we were ready for a fairly simple dinner.

The two employees greeted us in friendly fashion, obviously taking the trouble to remember us from our previous visit - "still water, yes?"

It's a bright and pleasant place that's located just three steps (tre scalini) down from a town square. We do like the way they've artistically cut away the thick plaster walls in a couple of spots so the old rock walls are visible underneath.

Tonight Kathy couldn't resist a repeat order of that wonderful fresh house-made fettucini mixed with a porcini mushroom sauce. Brian chose the lasagna, and we shared a green salad, a plate of grilled vegetables, a liter of, yes, still mineral water and a half-liter of the house red, for a total of 35 Euros. And, like 99% of the folks in this region, they are very kind and friendly to tourists.

If we return to Soriano nel Cimino, we'll definitely return to al Tre Scalini, which is most deserving of its good reviews.

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