Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It was a gloriously sunny day in Rome.

Our wandering through Rome yesterday - Roming? - took us past Fontana dei Trevi (Trevi Fountain), the Scala di Spagna (Spanish Steps), the Fori Imperiali (Imperial Forums), and the Colosseo (Colosseum).

We saw and wandered through ruins similar to the Colosseum and the Forum during our month in Turkey some years ago, but there's no question that viewing them in the middle of a modern bustling city is unique.

The crowds aren't bad this time of year, and the weather was beautiful. We didn't even let the vendors annoy us. Most of them appear to be immigrants (North Africa?) and they all sell the same cheap scarves and plastic souvenirs. They must live six to a room on virtually nothing - in several hours of walking past them we saw only one potential sale. There are also "gladiators" who - for a fee -will pose with you or for you.

We found a nice little restaurant for lunch, far enough away from the Spanish Steps so as not to be an obvious tourist trap.

After all of the walking, we decided to go out for dinner and found one of the recommended restaurants a 10-15 minute walk from our hotel to be quite good. We'll have to do a lot more walking today to earn our pasta.

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