Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ferrari For Rent

Our Internet at Palazzo Catalini is good enough to enable us to upload photos, so we've added a few to our previous posts about Rome. We haven't yet seen any Ferraris parked outside the Palazzo.

There's a Ferrari sitting next to the Rome Cavalieri's pickup spot off on one side of its long and curving entrance drive. Yes, it's available for rent.

It was fun to look at but it wasn't one bit tempting. Setting aside the cost (and Brian didn't even ask) the thought of driving around Rome isn't attractive, particularly when we have a reasonably elegant bus at our disposal.

The streets can look deceptively quiet from our vantage point.

The bus is allowed to use some special lanes (following streetcar tracks) apparently reserved for transit vehicles. Notice below that we're driving down the middle of the street along the tracks, and a total of three lanes of traffic on either side are driving in the opposite direction. Now if there were similar lanes reserved only for Ferraris throughout Rome we might have considered that rental more seriously.

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