Monday, February 21, 2011

Alaska State Senator Chooses Long Ferry Ride Over TSA "Pat-Down" at SEA

We place "pat-down" in quotes because the TSA description of the procedure is not accurate. It's actually an invasive and groping search.

In this morning's Seattle Times is an article about an Alaska State Representative, Sharon Cissna, apparently on her way home after medical treatment in Seattle, who gave up her flight and took the Alaska Ferry after the SEA TSA demanded she submit to a search after going through the scanner. Why?

The scanner image allegedly revealed that she'd undergone a mastectomy and the TSA required a detailed body search.

This woman is at least fortunate she was allowed to leave. It's the understanding of frequent travelers that you're subject to arrest and a fine up to $11,000 if you try to leave once the process has begun.

The entire Seattle Times article may be found here.

Finally, in the can-you-top-this department, here's a video in which it's alleged this woman and her young sons are getting screened after getting off a train. Runaway train? No, runaway TSA.

We'll cheerfully and quickly post any reasonable explanations for this apparent travesty.

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