Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rome Cavalieri: First Impressions

We just returned from a walk around the neighborhood, breathing in cool fresh air as we strolled through streets lined largely by apartments.

We found a bank ATM without problems and withdrew a chunk of Euros to maximize our two-free-monthly international withdrawals with Wells Fargo. Now that we're carrying a foreign-transaction-free Capital One card (What's in your wallet?) that we're reserving largely for foreign transactions, complete with e-mail purchase and fraud alerts, the pressure of making ATM withdrawals has lessened.

As to the Rome Cavalieri itself, it's a magnificent building with a commanding view of the city in the distance. So far we have found the employees to be friendly, welcoming, and helpful. Best of all, we're fortunate, as a result of circumstances, to find ourselves with a triple upgrade.

As the Cavalieri has now formally become a Waldorf Astoria rather than a Hilton property, Diamond members such as Kathy aren't automatically entitled to the same privileges. However, since the "lesser" lounge for Diamonds, Colosso, is still closed for renovations, even with our cheapest-sale-rate reservation we have been given access to the Imperial Club lounge. Our own city-view room is on the fifth floor. Although it's not on an Imperial floor, it's very nice and we have a beautiful balcony with a majestic view of Rome from our hilltop perch.

We're sitting in the Imperial Club at the moment enjoying some after-dinner pastries and some Italian wine, very happy to have arrived in Rome.

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