Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our First Morning In India

It started quite early, at least for Brian. A few hours of sleep are better than none, and it was fun to exchange e-mails with Tom and to learn that all three of them had been upgraded into CO Business First, leaving us only to suggest dinner choices (we recommend the lamb).

We two have to move hotels as we toward an unexpected stay at the Hilton New Delhi/Janakpuri hotel, our first of what's now three stays there during our trip.

Our overnight at the Marriott Courtyard Gurgaon has been pleasant, despite the extended transfer from the airport. Hotel points can be very helpful...

We went for a very short walk in the front entry area before leaving. There are three people manning a metal detector and luggage x-ray belt at the front door, along with a wand to check for metal on bodies. At the end of the driveway is a full check point with all doors opened and a sniffer dog to check things out. That's why we limited ourselves to a couple of minutes after fresh air. We were never out of sight of the security staff and they let us back in without another screening. At least they're friendlier than a couple of TSA employees who've rubbed up against us lately.

We'll give breakfast a try at some point. After reading this article in The Times of India on the plane, we'll be ordering our coffee black.

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