Monday, January 16, 2012

Seeing Jaipur Tuk Tuk Style

Today we're expecting a large ten-passenger van from Four Wheel Drive India to pick up us and our luggage for the drive from Jaipur to Agra. That will be a change from our sightseeing adventure in Jaipur.

Our first day in Jaipur featured a drive in a fairly conventional "large" car, in which passengers four and five sit facing each other sideways at the back. We saw most, if not all, of the major tourist attractions, and will post photos when time and Internet permit.

The macaque monkeys were interesting and captivating to watch at a couple of our stops, including the Monkey Temple itself.

Tom and Ellyn encountered the tuk tuk driver who had toured their friend around the city when she'd visited and, in a small coincidence, stayed at the same hotel as we did. He was easy to recognize, having lost much of his nose when he had leprosy.

He and his partner toured us around the city for much of yesterday, and then again last night as we went out to dinner. There's nothing like riding around an Indian city in a pair of tuk tuks (also called motorized rickshaws). The driving appears maniacal but has its own pattern and we sat back and pretended we were playing a video game with obstacles coming at us non-stop.

We shopped, despite our best intentions, and now have a bedspread that seems to fit into one of our carry-ons. It's been a fascinating two days and we're looking forward to our road trip to Agra and the Taj Mahal.

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