Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Positive "Opt-Out" Experience at DRO

DRO has a new back-scatter machine they were filtering everybody through this morning, and both of us opted out.

The employees immediately held up our bags and trays, and seated us in plain view of them. We did have a wait but they put us through one at a time, only sending our bags through when we were at the other end to receive them.

They treated us courteously throughout and the searches were as respectful as they could be, given that they're by definition and practice extremely disrespectful and in our opinion something nobody should have to endure simply to board a plane. Brian also commended the fellow searching him for not using the word "resistance," and for actually saying "buttocks," which got a smile out of him.

At the end, he politely asked Brian why he opted out, and he replied "because I still can." When Brian told them that, in another "bastion of freedom," the UK, passengers did not have the right to opt out, he and a fellow worker expressed surprise. When Brian opined that we as a country are on a very slippery slope let's just say they didn't disagree.

Brian also told them he hoped they got dosimeters for themselves, and both said they'd heard rumors but would believe it when they see it.

After our very worst experience in SEA at a TSA checkpoint just a few weeks ago, this was about as "good" as it could be, a very relative term of course.

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