Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Kites Of Jaipur

DEL has a beautiful domestic terminal where we sat waiting for our Jaipur flight after a smooth light rail ride (cheap, almost deserted on Saturday, and only one easy transfer to the airport train) from our hotel.

We finally boarded our Jet Airways flight after a 30-minute delay. Brian fell asleep shortly after takeoff and Kathy awakened him 30 seconds before we landed in Jaipur on a beautiful day. A taxi driver picked us up as planned, and Tom with his long arms helped him place our suitcases up on the roof. Even before we left the airport area, we saw the first of literally thousands of kites, the driver explaining to us that January 14 is the date of the annual kite festival.

We've just arrived at the Pearl Palace Heritage Guest House. It strikes us initially as an utterly charming place, and we're looking forward to our three nights here.

The fireworks are noisily marking the celebration and we're looking forward to a beer on the balcony and dinner at the restaurant owned by our hotelier-host, Mr. Singh.

We're happy to be here and really excited about touring tomorrow.

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