Saturday, January 21, 2012

Relaxing In Goa

Today is probably the most relaxing day of our trip. We all wandered down to the beach and walked along the sands, passing vendors and food shacks along the way until we arrived at the one recommended to us.

We ate well there, although it was a very expensive lunch by Indian standards, but still a good value, as we shared a large crab, giant prawns, and sea bass.

We then strolled back and off the vendors without hassles, since they're apparently under government regulation not to harass tourists.

Tomorrow we'll be leaving here at 5:00 a.m. to catch a 7:00 a.m. flight. If all goes well we'll be back at our hotel, again the Hilton Janakpuri, by early afternoon. We've learned not to take anything for granted though. We've found out that the flimsy boarding passes Ellyn and Haley held for our ongoing flight BOM-GOI the other day are not acceptable to security, requiring them to go back to a service counter for a stamp. Brian also found out that a fresh new luggage tag was required by Mumbai security for the second leg after the security employee ceremoniously ripped off the original one. It's a different experience traveling here and every trip appears to be some sort of adventure, at least for us.

The old Portuguese mansion that is our hotel, Vivenda dos Palhacos or The House of Clowns.

Goa is extremely clean compared to other places we've visited so far, being closer to Mexican standards, to give one example. It's still not exactly pristine in spots.

The beach itself is lovely, and it proved to be a great spot to enjoy a fresh seafood lunch.

The fish is fresh, very fresh.

We'll pass on the shark, thank you.

Excellent seafood and a beautifully breezy day that isn't too hot for us. We make our selections and dine well.

That should hold us nicely until dinner, which will be followed by an early bedtime and a ghastly 5:00 a.m. drive to the airport and our return flights to Delhi.


Dennis Warner said...

Great pictures as always and despite a few "adventures" along the way it looks as if you've been having another trip of a lifetime. There are trips that are enjoyable (most of them) and trips that are memorable and I have a feeling that this trip you're on now fits into both of those categories.

Kathy and Brian said...

Yes, you've gotten that one just about exactly right.