Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Travel Fiasco

Three voice-mails from Tom as we turned our wireless on after landing at EWR did not constitute a good sign.

Basically, they were stuck in DEN due to a variety of circumstances that sound suspiciously like "mechanical," although Continental is claiming it's "weather."

Tom, Ellyn, and Haley may be landing less than an hour after we take off. Odd that Continental couldn't find another way to get them here in time.

We've been scrambling for the last two hours changing our first flight in India one day, informing hotels and changing reservations as needed. We of course decided to wait in Delhi for the other three in our party. Jet Airways was great when Brian called all the way to India. Continental was not at all helpful, and they can expect a couple of complaint letters, which will almost inevitably not do any good at all.

We'll have two rooms at a Delhi airport-area Marriott to lounge in, as it's already tomorrow there and too late to cancel.

Tom, Ellyn and Haley are probably lucky to have two Business First seats to share among the three of them tomorrow EWR-DEL, although we wouldn't blame them for not feeling that happy about it.

These things happen when one travels, and we're bound and doubly determined to make it a great trip.

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