Monday, January 30, 2012

The American Embassy In Delhi E-Mails Us

When Kathy's wallet was stolen as we traversed Delhi about 12 days ago, we assumed we'd never see any of the contents again. We were quite surprised to receive the following e-mail last night, soon after returning from a terrific party in Farmington New Mexico at the home of one of her brothers:

We have your driver's license and other cards at U.S. Embassy New Delhi

Dear Kathryn,

We have your Washington state driver’s license and two other cards at the U.S. Embassy in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. You are welcome to come here (Gate 6) anytime during normal business hours to collect them. Please call us at xx-xxxx-xxxx (ask for American Citizen Services) or reply to this email if you have any questions/need directions/require any other assistance.

All the best,


Xxxx X. Xxxx
Vice Consul, American Citizen Services
U.S. Embassy New Delhi

This email is UNCLASSIFIED.

We've e-mailed back our thanks and a request that they be mailed to us at home. Kathy may not need a new driver's license after all. And it'll be interesting to find out what the other two cards are.

Amazing to imagine in that huge city that these documents would have ended up at the American Embassy!


  1. Nice! If you need someone to physically pick them up, I'll be in New Delhi at the end of next week.

    1. Thanks! In the event they won't mail them, we'd certainly take you up on that.

      In the meantime, as our favorite sign in Bangkok reads, "Beware of Wily Strangers" and have a great trip.