Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Muffalettas? Meh - Irene's? Wow!

Earlier today we walked several blocks for some Central Grocery Muffalettas, for which Tom stood in line for some time.

Without the olive tapenade / spread it was a very basic salami and cheese sandwich on a thick bun.

With the olive spread it was a very basic salami, cheese, and olive spread sandwich on a thick bun.

Maybe a shrimp Po'-Boy will excite us more.

The almond croissants we sampled at the highly regarded Croissant d'Or were tasty, although very sweet.

Our best meal so far was a quite spectacular Italian dinner last night at Irene's Cuisine. The food was very good and Matt, our waiter, helped make it a memorable evening. We've found one place to which we'd all definitely return.

Even Greg was happy that his suggestion of a Chinese buffet was outvoted.

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