Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Orleans: Mélange Restaurant

Last night Tom found us Mélange Restaurant within two blocks of our condo.

We enjoyed an interesting variety of appetizers and mains - sort of a quasi-continental style - and it made for a pleasant evening. The intelligent, attractive, and saucy waitress grew up with brothers and knew just how to deal with Tom.

Incidentally, our earlier effort at finding a nearby restaurant for dinner found us upstairs over a bar in a well-regarded place called Adolfo's. We put our names on the waiting list and asked the waitress how long it might be. She said it could be ten minutes or three hours and had no idea at all. We'd just have to wait if we wanted to find out.

Buh-bye Adolfo's. No place is worth that kind of uncertain wait, at least to Brian.

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