Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Train Tires

At least riding the train for five days and four nights really tired us out.

The final ride on the City of New Orleans was the bumpiest of all. It was also the noisiest because of the continual - sometimes continuous - train whistles. There are obviously a lot of level crossings between Chicago and New Orleans and every one required warning toots to drivers.

An afternoon nap in our condo and we were ready for our first dinner in New Orleans. We ate a a lot of food at a local joint, Felix's Restaurant & Oyster Bar. Even though we ourselves don't indulge in the specialty of that particular restaurant, oysters, there was calamari and shrimp and even some alligator, so we dined well.

A long sleep and we're up and ready for a fancy meal at Brennan's.

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