Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Orleans: Brunch At Brennan's

Our first full day in New Orleans featured brunch at Brennan's.

As we clustered around the bar for one of their famous milk punches, we were reminded by the flames in the next room that Brennan's claims to have invented Bananas Foster.

Their milk punches are indeed tasty and pack a punch, so to speak. Of course, they're not cheap.

Once seated, we chose the three-course brunch menu. For the appetizers, we chose among us soups and baked apples in cream. The "main course" features a long list of variations on Eggs Benedict, with the interesting twist that the eggs are served on Dutch rusks rather than English muffins.

Dessert for all but Kathy was, of course, Bananas Foster. Her "chocolate suicide cake" was okay but too sweet to consider ending it all with an overdose of cocoa.

Was the food worth the price? Let's just say we can now say we've had brunch at Brennan's.

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