Saturday, January 20, 2018

Dining at One of Lima's Finest Restaurants: Panchita

It's a scant two-block walk from the Doubletree, albeit with two Lima streets to cross.

They only take reservations up to three days in advance, but our willingness to dine early (around 6:00 pm) was rewarded with a nice table.

The first wine we ordered (Terazzas Riserva Malbec) was out of stock, but a suggested alternative was satisfactory and actually cheaper.

A young employee came over to assist the shy waiter with English translation, and she and Kathy came up with a great menu.

The only letdown came right at the beginning. We had read of their famous bread plate, so we ordered one to share. The butter and sauce were tasty, but the bread itself was soft, squishy, and white.

We soon recovered, however, when the Rocoto Relleno arrived. That is a "Peruvian recote pepper filled with minced beef [actually a braised beef] and cheese and served over a potato pie."


Our second shared dish was a Panceta de Lechon Croquante, a soft pork belly with crispy skin, served with potatoes and corn (hominy).


This added up to a memorable evening, for which our total bill was US $61.32 plus a generous tip.

No room for dessert!

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