Monday, January 15, 2018

Navigating MEX - Mexico City Airport

After a pleasant enough 5 1/2-hour flight, we landed in Terminal 2 at Benito Juarez Airport. We did find the Aeromexico breakfast a bit odd - a cheese omelette with green beans and asparagus along with the more typical fruit and croissant.

For whatever reason, we waited at the gate for 20 minutes for the door to be opened. Then it was a brisk walk to a 90-minute immigration queue.

We eventually rolled our carry-ons out past Customs into the terminal, and walked up to a little Hilton office to ask if we could ride the automated train to Terminal 1, which ordinarily requires an ongoing boarding pass to use.

The obliging young employee closed up the office and escorted us to the train, where today's BPs, ID, and her endorsement got us admitted.

We ride the train and found the Hilton with a minimum of difficulty.

Here we are.

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