Saturday, January 20, 2018

Wallqa: Lunch in Lima at Cordon Bleu Cooking School Training Restaurant

One of the instructors was our friendly and helpful waiter, because there was a shortage of English speakers o duty.

He told us most of the cooks were already practicing chefs who were enrolled in a summer school upgrade.

We scanned the English menu and listened to his recommendations. 

We shared a cebiche served with rice crackers which didn't thrill us as much as our previous renditions. It lacked the strong lime flavors and was a little dry..

Nothing wrong with it, but it didn't excite us.

Our mains, on the other hand, were excellent. Tacu Tacu for Brian...

Rice Concolon with Duck for Kathy...

A pleasant and reasonably priced lunch two short blocks from the Hilton.

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