Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Hamburger Kunsthalle

After a satisfying buffet breakfast in our hotel, we walk a few blocks to the Hamburger Kunsthalle, an excellent art museum, featuring several hundred years of art. 

On the way we spot some young children walking somewhere on a field trip. Those vests must make it harder for them to wander off, and easier to yell, “You in the yellow vest, pay attention!”

The €14 entry fee, plus €4 for an audio guide, is a fair price for a world class exhibit.

The paintings are all, as far as we can tell, under glass, making it difficult to take photos. Take a look st this Rembrandt, for example:

Here’s a Kokoshka from a few hundred years later:

Anyway, the purpose of the visit is to enjoy the art, not to take photos of it, and we spend three hours here taking it all in.

After the museum, we stroll for a few blocks and wander halfway around one of the artificial lakes formed by the Alster River that adorn the city center.

It’s an impressive looking city, and we share the sidewalks with a lot of Hamburgers taking advantage of the pleasant weather.

We had to work that line in somehow.

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