Thursday, May 16, 2019

A Night at the German Opera: Die Zauberflöte

Amazing seats - front row center (actually the second row) - for an amazing performance that includes a significant portion taking place literally within our reach on the “catwalk” built on top of the front row for this production.

The catwalk separated us from the orchestra.

Papageno is the hero’s comic sidekick in the opera. This singer was a fabulous entertainer to complement his vocal skills. Here he is right above us.

You can see the masked Sarastro, one of the villains, lurking nearby.

We were sneaking just a few photos in fear of being thrown out, so they’re only useful to help us remember the occasion.

It was as great a performance as one could expect when the Deutsche Oper performs Mozart’s greatest opera. The entire evening was a musical highlight for us.

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