Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Sydney: Lunch at Yayoi

The Sydney Hilton has a surprisingly early checkout time of 11:00AM, but they gave us 2:00PM.

We had plans of a ferry ride to Watson’s Bay, but instead walked over to the nearby Westfield Shopping Centre, which boasts a large variety of restaurants.

We learned our first choice, the wonderful Din Tai Fung, was closed for renovations. What to do?

We eventually settled on a Japanese restaurant, Yayoi, and it proved to be tasty and fun.

They offer set lunches as well as a la carte choices, but the most interesting part is their ordering system. Every table has an iPad-type tablet installed.

There are full printed menus as well, but when you want to order you punch it in on your tablet.

The screen shows the status, right up to and inclusive of notice that it was being delivered.

Brian actually preferred it because we could set our own pace for ordering a multi-course meal, but Kathy has her doubts about the lack of interaction with a human server.

For the restaurant owner, they don’t strike, call in sick at the last rminute, or pilfer inventory, so they have some distinct advantages.

A tasty meal!

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