Wednesday, May 29, 2019

In Beijing at the Hilton

It seems to have changed a lot since our previous visit 15 years ago.

Our Hainan domestic flight from Haikou to Beijing was on a newer 787, surprising for a three-hour flight, other than the fact that HAK is on Hainan Island, and apparently the main hub for HU.

Breakfast was tasty.

The biggest walnuts we’ve ever seen...

Before long we landed. We made a surprisingly long walk, mainly with moving sidewalks, over to the next terminal to catch the Airport Express.

We followed the instructions of a Trip Advisor reviewer to reach the Beijing Hilton and they were flawless, involving transferring from the Airport Express to metro line 10, getting off st the first stop, taking exit B, and then walking in the opposite direction and turning right at the first intersection, then walking for 5-6 minutes. Easy when you know the way!

The Hilton is great and we’ve just finished our first breakfast after a good sleep. Kathy found the soup station.


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