Thursday, January 13, 2022

Chef’s Plate at Hilton Playa del Carmen

The extra charge to dine here is significant, although Hilton Diamonds supposedly get a 50% discount. 

We let ourselves be upsold to a bottle of Mexican Cabernet that proved to very good.

Tonight’s menu:


AMUSE-BOUCHE: Watermelon, Feta
cheese, goat cheese, mint and citrus

ENTRÉE: Gravlax-style salmon salad in a
dill-fennel vinaigrette and goat cheese

SOUP: Cauliflower cream soup flavored
with truffle

SORBET: Lemon sorbet

MAIN COURSE: Beef steak with porcini
mushroom sauce, cambray onions au red
wine and pumpkin purée

DESSERT: "Fresier" Cheese mousse with
citrus and strawberries; served with vanilla
ice cream

The chef and the servers were very attentive and thanked us profusely. The beef was terrific, and a large enough portion to keep us from leaving hungry.

An enjoyable evening…

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