Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Will 'Dressing Up' Help You Score an Upgrade to First?

 It's just another urban legend, as one of our favorite travel bloggers, Ben, explains at One Mile at a Time

Years ago we were awarded operational upgrades on United both outbound and return, on a flight to SHA (Shanghai), if memory serves us.

We had volunteered to give up our seats in a potentially oversold situation, and the gate agents moved us into Business Class just before boarding. What a treat, and to have it happen both ways!

The catch is that at the time we were top-tier 1K flyers with UA, so they didn't just pick us out because we were well dressed (spoiler alert - we weren't), or even because we're such nice people.

It's a little like the old joke about the visitor to New York asking directions from a local on how to get to Carnegie Hall. "Practice."

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