Friday, January 21, 2022

The Best Small U.S. Airports?

The Discoverer has posted on article about The Best Small Airports in the U.S.

Of the ten airports listed, we've flown into and/or out of  three: Dallas-Love Field (DAL), Paine Field (PAE), and Reno-Tahoe (RNO). We might have flown into Long Beach once to board a cruise, but that's in pre-blog days and we can't remember.

DAL and RNO strike us as medium size airports, but the writer is putting some emphasis on airports that may be more conveniently located than nearby large airports. DAL is a potential alternative for Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), and Paine Field, not too far from us in Everett, WA virtually next door to the Boeing Factory, saves a drive to Seattle (SEA). While the article touts RNO as an alternative to San Francisco (SFO), that would be a foolish alternative in the winter months, when I-80 can be treacherous. 

As "ten best" lists are designed to generate discussion and controversy, we won't fall for the bait. We will, however, add two small airports to the list of our favorites, Durango-La Plata County Airport and our own Bellingham International Airport. Neither airport is a "cheap alternative," but they are pleasant facilities with friendly employees (even the TSA!) and of course are among our preferred destinations.

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