Friday, May 6, 2022

Aboard Quantum: A Revealing Lunch

We rode the bus back from Ketchikan almost immediately. We’d visited Ketchikan a few years ago, and once is really enough.

Once back abosrd, what to do for lunch! We bought the specialty restaurant package. Alas, there are no specialty restaurants open on this port day.

 We tried the “dim sum” restaurant up on deck 14. No dim sum to be found, and we tried some exceedingly tough beef satay.

Then it was down to Sorrento’s, a pizza joint on deck 4. The pizza we tried would have been disappointing out of a supermarket frozen food section.

We retreated to the buffet, which is dismal in its own way. Decent wine (our beverage package) in plastic glasses.

It was a tossup for the “winner” between Brian’s pork schnitzel and the pizza.

 Pretty dismal.

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