Thursday, May 26, 2022

Robot Waiters at Din Tai Fung in Melbourne

We’ve dined at this beloved franchise in many parts of the world, but we’ve never seen a robot escorting customers to their tables.

Apparently restaurants here are having so many problems finding employees that they’re resorting to this.

Someone posted a YouTube video of being escorted to the table in this restaurant:

Our human hostess was at least as friendly.

The food is still good and we could see people assembling the Xaio Long Bao.We ordered a second basket.

We also shared a tasty Hot and Sour soup and enjoyed this Crumbed Chicken and Dry Noodles dish. The noodles were a challenge. Was it one 30-foot noodle folded over? So it seemed. Oh for scissors!

A terrific lunch for about US $20 each - not bad for a big-name restaurant in a big Australian city.

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