Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The Qantas Club at Sydney - Terminal 3

We enjoyed our NAN-SYD flight on Fiji.

After a smooth landing and a reasonably prompt taxi to the gate, we stood in the aisles and waited easily 10 minutes for someone (a trainee perhaps?) to attach the jet bridge to the plane.

Once out, we walked a bit and printed self-serve tickets at a passport kiosk that allowed us to use the self-serve exits without a hitch.

We were through Customs similarly quickly. Our only minor hiccup was taking the T Bus rather than a Qantas bus to transfer to The Qantas Domestic Terminal 3.  Still, we got here in reasonable time, zipped through security, and are relaxing in the Qantas Club,  access enabled by our OneWorld Emerald status.

It’s a vast club that a Flyertalk friend hosted us into some years ago.

Good coffee, which is all we want at this point.  

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