Friday, May 20, 2022

The Travel Insider's Move: An Expensive Fiasco

We've been readers and supporters of David Rowell for many years, since we came across his website, The Travel Insider. We've corresponded with him on numerous occasions.

David, a native of New Zealand, lived for many years in the Seattle area, just down the road from us (I-5) so to speak. Like many others, he's leaving a high-tax state, Washington, to live in a low-tax state, Texas, where he's bought radio stations and is involving himself in broadcasting.

He's nothing if not a careful consumer, and many of his columns over the years have consisted of product and service reviews. Even so, he's found himself enmeshed in a situation in which he's paying many thousands of dollars to move his belongings from Washington to Texas and has no idea when they'll actually arrive. 

After the fact, he wishes he'd rented a U-Haul. His sad tale is worth reading.

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