Wednesday, May 25, 2022

World Class Fiji Airways Business Class LAX-NAN

We were very impressed with the A350 hard product, and the service was as wonderful as we thought it would be after our previous visit to Fiji.

Two cameras to access!

We chose light dinners and continental breakfasts.

The cabin was cool - almost cold - all night, greatly facilitating our sleep. Bless their hearts!

It’s obvious the days are getting shorter in the Southern Hemisphere as we land about 5:30 AM.

The transit line took awhile and we had to dump our bottles of Fiji Water from the plane (sad!) going through the low-key metal detector security.

Now we’re enjoying the pleasing Fiji Airways Flagship Lounge, complete with plant walls, lovely showers, and great Cappuccinos (extra shots).


We’re feeling quite prepared to board our upcoming five-hour flight to Sydney, again in Fiji Business Class.

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