Thursday, June 9, 2022

A Lingering LAX Layover

Fiji 810 NAN-LAX worked for me. I slept about five hours after that solitary pre-flight glass of Champagne.

I enjoyed an early continental breakfast.

Eventually Los Angeles in all its majestically sprawling ugliness came into view.

Then we landed.

I was among the first off and walked and walked and walked to get to Immigration.

They’ve even stolen the ethereal psychedelic music and lighting from that underground connector at ORD.

Once at the Global Entry kiosks, a friendly agent reminded me I no longer need a passport. Just stare at the camera. Big Brother knows me. “Okay, Brian,” says the agent from 10 feet away, and I scurry out.

I enjoy the walk from Tom Bradley International Terminal over to Terminal 6, Alaska’s home. TSA PreCheck is quiet and I’m sitting in the grubby Alaska Lounge (courtesy of my paid on points First Class ticket).

As the afternoon progresses the lounge fills up. One of my seat mates could be mistaken for a space cadet - this is La-La land after all.

She explains to a bemused employee that her outfit has filters and she’s surprised more people aren’t wearing them.

Eventually she leaves, probably for a galaxy far far away.

In the meantime, my flight is now delayed n more than two hours, and my long layover at SEA has shrunk to 90 minutes.

Kathy has leapfrogged me into better seats for both flights. The day is still young, and further travel adventure awaits me as I fly the 6,567.9 miles NAN-LAX-SEA-BLI.

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