Saturday, June 4, 2022

Diary of a Fiji Quarantine: Day 3

It’s Sunday and the start of another day in paradise.

Meals continue to be a focal point of the daily schedule. Last night’s steak sandwich was presented beautifully on a tray - someone in the kitchen clearly didn’t get the message that this guest is served in cardboard tubs.

The steak sandwich was unfortunately a disaster, fatty and barely chewable. The fries were fine. The green salad was good.

I notice yet again how tricky the English language is to non-native speakers when I’m ordering my room service breakfast this morning and ask if the chosen protein (ham, chorizo, bacon, smoked salmon) will be cooked in the omelette or on the side.

“Pardon me?” The second try I speak more slowly and explain.

“Ah… in the omelette.” 

Awhile later there’s a knock on the door and a cheery “Bula.” I find my bagged breakfast and say “Vinaka” to the retreating employee.

Here’s the presentation.

Next comes the great unveiling…

I see the chorizo is indeed “on the side.”  There’s no sign of the grilled tomato or hash browns touted on the menu. That’s okay; I’m consuming way too much starch as it is.

The advertised filling of “mushrooms, onion, chili, capsicum, tomato, spinach, cheese” is not overly abundant. While the chorizo is warm, the omelette is just above room temperature. Oh well…

The macchiato seems a bit bitter but at least has some pizazz.

The serving comes without utensils or napkins. Fortunately Kathy had the prescience to smuggle in an extra place setting, which I will wash and reuse.

And so it goes.

I enjoyed a video chat earlier with Kathy, who 36 hours after leaving our hotel here is finally at home in Birch Bay after being picked up at BLI by Carmen, one of our wonderful neighbors.

Kathy felt a nap coming on and rang off. When she tried to plug in her glasses to charge them, she said she knew it was definitely nap time.

I’m going to try to figure out a way to exercise. I realize why  zoo animals pace back and forth in their cages.

Day 3 continues apace. It’s 10:30AM here,  definitely too early to start reading the dinner menu. I will be strong.

I’ll sit out on the balcony before it gets too warm. I spotted a mongoose scurrying along the beach the other day. Bill had previously pointed one out when we were driving. They were introduced to Fiji to control the rodent population, an apparently successful plan.

When I receive a formal copy of the PCR test administered to me Friday, I’ll start to assemble an insurance claim. I’m sure that will be Monday at the earliest. I’m guessing that maƱana is easily translated into Fijian.

The people are lovely here and continue to be kind and friendly. That helps a lot.

Did I mention that Day 3 continues apace?

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