Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Diary of a Fiji Quarantine: Day 6

As I find myself getting up around 6 AM Wednesday, June 8, I take a moment to peer out my side window and front door to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. My sunset view is far superior.

Last night was pepperoni pizza night again. Kathy will raise her eyebrows when she reads this at home, but the “Walu effect” still lingers, and a doughy pizza crust without much topping filled the bill.

I did ask for chili flakes on the side, and a judicious sprinkling really jazzed up the flavor.

The chili flakes come in handy this morning when I order the three-egg omelette again for breakfast. As usual, I recite the menu in some detail, get called back to repeat the order, and am awarded with a bounteous feast. The omelette has shrunk compared to last time, but as to the rest of it…

From the top clockwise: omelette, grilled tomato, chorizo, potato wedges. I’d praised yesterday’s hot coffee when ordering, and I’m rewarded with another carafe of HOT coffee.

The charming and efficient Sula calls me from the front desk to check how I’m doing. She tells me I can stay in my room until I leave tomorrow, probably around 5:30 PM, The hotel can arrange a car to the airport. Things are looking up.

Kathy and I have a video chat or two. She’s feeling better, and our neighbors Bob and Carmen leave her a pile of good food as they set off on a short road trip. Kathy was exposed to me far longer than I was exposed to anyone, so her somewhat worse symptoms make sense, not to mention the fatigue of the long trip home.

After breakfast I test myself with a home test kit and test negative. Exciting news, but…

I call the hotel Wellness Ambassador to request to pay for a test to try to replicate the results. She tells me I’m welcome to pay for tests today and tomorrow but they’ll only give me verbal results - no written  results. That would be useless for my purposes.

She’s adamant. My only guess is that Fiji wants to maintain the credibility of their fit-to-fly certificates. Too many people deemed fit to fly but still showing positive results would undermine that. Maybe there are other reasons, but her vague explanation of different people testing negative at different times doesn’t do me any good. Oh well…

The drama will continue at least as far as NAN tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

Before I know it it’s after 3:00 PM. I’ll have very little to pack, but I take a preliminary look around. I’ll be leaving a bottle of wine and one or two bottles of beer, along with a few unopened packs of soup and cookies. The housekeepers should be happy. It was great to have the variety of snacks left for me, and I’m vaguely proud I didn’t wolf them all down.

Never  have I looked forward to a flight with such a combination of excitement and apprehension. Tomorrow will be… interesting..

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