Thursday, June 2, 2022

Fiji Quarantine: Accentuate the Positive

When a couple of Oz Fest attendees announced they had tested positive for Covid, it caught our attention. Brian had spent time talking to both of them at the opening social event last Friday.

Brian’s throat was itchy on Monday’s travel day, but he awoke Tuesday in Fiji with a cold. Bill and Sue gave us s couple of home Covid test kits and Brian tested positive.

We informed the resort, as it has in-house testers and is part of a national Covid protocol. A Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) is required within 72 hours of arriving in Fiji and we’d planned to take ours the day before we left to use it for our required US entry test as well.

We both tested negative. We enjoyed Fiji for three days as Brian’s cold got better and better.

Yesterday became busy with decisions to make after Brian tested and re-tested positive.

Brian isn’t allowed to leave until June 9. He will have in hand either a negative test or an official “safe to fly” letter. If Kathy stays also and tests positive, the meter is reset and we could both be quarantined here one additional week. This has happened to couples. Accordingly, the obvious choice is that Kathy will fly home tonight while Brian has cancelled his air miles ticket and bought a one-way June 9.

Kathy and Bill met with the general manager, who agreed to give us a good deal on the very nice “bure” we are in. (“Especially in the Fijian tourism industry and its advertisements, the term "bure" is often synonymous with "bungalow" or any other detached hotel or resort structure.”)

Brian will also continue to get a free breakfast, in recognition of Kathy’s Hilton Diamond status. There appears to be no surcharge for room service delivery and meal prices are reasonable with a large menu.

Kathy went shopping with Bill and Sue and has supplied Brian with water, wine, beer, coffee, and snacks.

It’s a quarantine in paradise, but it’s still a could be a lot worse.

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