Sunday, April 4, 2010

Auberge Louis-Hébert: Easter Brunch

Auberge Louis-Hébert lies just down the street from our hotel on the "Restaurant Row." An auberge is an inn and apparently there are rooms for rent as well. When we walked by this morning, the full house of diners intrigued us, especially after the hostess told us they were fully booked at the moment for the Brunch de Pâque, or Easter Brunch. We reserved for 12:30 p.m. and wandered around the area between our hotel and the Old Town gate for an hour or so.

We stopped by the provincial legislature building, that is the Parliament Buildings, housing the Quebec National Assembly. Atop the building flies a large fleur de lis flag, with nary a maple leaf to be found.

The Brunch de Pâque was easily the best meal of our trip thus far. For a prix-fixe $20 each for three courses, Kathy chose as her starter the rabbit terrine and Brian a carrot soup. From a variety of main courses on the menu, Kathy opted for salmon with rice and Brian for roast lamb with a mini-cassoulet of beans. Everything was excellent and beautifully presented with generous portions. Dessert was the same for everybody - a "three-chocolate cake" that was somewhat mousse-like and outstanding.

Sitting out in the sunshine (and it's another gloriously beautiful day here) and watching the people walk by was all the entertainment we needed to accompany our thoroughly satisfying meal.

We weren't surprised to spot some good reviews for the joint after dining there. We'd happily return.

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