Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Flying Day SEA-ORD-YQB

Yes, it was a good day of flying. Seattle to Chicago was in First on a 757. Lunch was just fine and the movie, Did You Hear About The Morgans?, was lamely amusing. We had enough time before boarding a CRJ for the flight to Quebec City to visit the one Red Carpet Club (of four at ORD) we'd never visited, tucked away in Terminal 2 Concourse F, just a few feet away from our gate, and one of the tinier RCCs we've ever seen.

The flight to Quebec City was as pleasant as a CRJ can be. It included a very friendly young flight attendant who provided better service (including a pass with a pot of coffee toward the end of the flight) than some mainline flights. One amusing moment: There were no more than 14 people on the plane and Brian headed to the back of the plane to use the lavatory, waiting in the dark aisle for it to be vacant. The flight attendant walked the length of the plane to request very politely that he not congregate in the aisle at the rear but rather wait in one of the vacant seats. So now it appears one can't congregate anywhere other than the middle of the plane. What's also funny is that a peek at a dictionary confirmed our suspicions that it takes at least two either to tango or to congregate.

Immigration was a breeze in the airport and a friendly taxi driver delivered us to the Loews Hôtel Le Concorde, where we are now getting organized to enjoy our first day in Quebec City in 38 years.

Why this trip to Quebec City? Second, it's a fascinating city with lots of history. But first, we discovered the entire package, flights (including 10,000 bonus miles each) and four nights in the hotel for just under $700 all in for both of us. C'est une Bon Marché!

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