Saturday, April 3, 2010

Quebec City Lunch at Aux Anciens Canadiens

We strolled from our hotel down Grande Allée Est on an absolutely glorious Saturday morning. We took a short detour and wandered around the ramparts of the Plains of Abraham for awhile before entering the old walled city through the gate.

Before long we found ourselves walking by Aux Anciens Canadiens, and decided to take advantage of their three-course lunch menu (soup, main, and dessert, including a glass of beer or house wine that reads much more romantically in French), now $20 rather than the $17 quoted in this NYT review and in Fodor's.

Kathy chose the French onion soup (for a surcharge) and a bison-meat pie. Brian was extremely traditional in his choices: pea soup and the tourtière. For the dessert we split the maple sugar tarte (pie) and a blueberry and maple syrup cake.

Our waiter was exceptionally friendly and we also enjoyed chatting briefly with the Québécois couple sitting adjacent to us about the restaurant cutlery, made in France.

We wandered just a big farther and then returned to the hotel to relax for awhile, already planning to put Quebec City on our "return-trip list."

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