Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cosmos: Un Restaurant Avec Des Poissons Dans Le Plancher

Yes, Cosmos has an aquarium of sorts in the floor containing goldfish and similar poissons. That's not all that significant other than Brian's wanting to show off his French.

It's a trendy kind of place and probably too noisy for us ordinarily. We went there for dinner tonight and enjoyed it thoroughly. The menu is large and eclectic, and the pasta dishes we chose were excellent. Brian's veal-based cannelloni was more French than Italian but delicious nonetheless.

We had one glass of a rather thin Italian red and followed it up with a glass of a B.C. Mission Hill red that was definitely superior. Hurray for the West!

Cosmos is literally around the corner from our hotel, there are nice comments made about it on Trip Advisor, and we might well return there for our final dinner tomorrow night if the upstairs disco isn't cranked up at full volume.

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Dennis Warner said...

Mission Hill Winery and B.C. wines in general have come a long way in recent years. Mission HIll has expansion plans over the next ten years that are spectacular. Glad you enjoyed the wine from the west!