Thursday, April 8, 2010

Welcome to the Conrad Hong Kong

After our pleasant visit to the Silver Kris Lounge early this morning we boarded our Upper Deck seats in UA's 747 flying to Hong Kong on its way to the U.S. We enjoyed another typically terrific Asian-based crew and the four-hour flight, while a little bumpy in spots, was enjoyable.

Once we arrived at HKG we experienced a half-hour lineup at Immigration, not at all bad for a major airport. After some vacillating, we decided to buy a special Octopus Card (public transit) for tourists, that includes trips both ways on the Airport Express, and three consecutive days of public transit. We'll have to confirm whether or not we can "top up" this card for additional travel but it appears to be a reasonable deal.

We rode the Airport Express train into Hong Kong's Central district,the third stop, then got off and waited about 15 minutes for the free airport shuttle bus. The Conrad is the second stop on the H1 route. Once we arrived at the Conrad, we were quickly whisked up the Executive Lounge, where Eunice herself, the manager so highly regarded by fellow FlyerTalkers, checked us in. She's just as friendly and hospitable as we've heard.

We're sitting in the Lounge a bit after 1:00 p.m. local awaiting our room and enjoying a rather incredible view, even on a cloudy (foggy?) day, of a portion of the harbor.

Later today we'll do a little wandering around but for now it's fun just to relax after 10,000 or so miles of flying over the past few days.


Dennis Warner said...

Are there still good deals to be had in Hong Kong? Back in 1994 you could get silk ties at great prices. Of course if one is retired and doesn't wear a tie that often if doesn't matter one way or the other. Enjoy that Star Ferry and the other sights and sounds of Hong Kong. It's an exciting city.

Kathy and Brian said...

Frommer's claims there are a lot of good deals. The tailors certainly advertise. Yesterday we strolled through the very upscale Pacific Place Mall that the Conrad sits atop, and managed to keep our wallets in our pockets while passing Gucci's, etc. Of course this is the central business district and we'll plan to spend a lot of time in Kowloon.

Gregory said...

If my memory is correct, isn't there a terrific food market in the basement of Pacific Place Mall? Along with those in Tokyo and London, it's one of my favorites.

Kathy and Brian said...

If you mean the fine collection of restaurants, we've walked by that going to and from the MTR station:

So far, between the wonderful breakfast in the Garden Cafe and afternoon tea and evening appetizers in the Executive Lounge, we haven't eaten in another restaurant.