Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Aboard Riviera: Counting Down The Last Few Hours

Two more nights of our cruise to go and it'll be back to reality in Miami.

We've continued the same leisurely routine, playing a lot of table tennis, shuffleboard, mini-golf, and even a little croquet.

For intellectual stimulation we've played Team Scattergories and Team Trivia daily.

The food has been great and our last nights include dinner at two of the specialty restaurants.

There has been some kind of a viral outbreak aboard. The captain announced it officially today, apparently because regulations require it once more than 2% of passengers and crew are affected. There's a lot of cleaning going on. Fortunately we've felt fine although we've spoken to a couple of people who were hit hard.

We'll be washing our hands repeatedly and using the hand sanitizers place throughout the ship, and keep our fingers crossed.

The weather has been terrific the past few days and the ocean relatively calm.

It's been fun.

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