Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Barcelona Supermarket Wandering

The strike is over, the businesses are open again, and we strolled back to the large Carrefour to buy some more of their house label 100-gram 80% Dark Chocolate bars at 98 Euro cents each after sampling and approving a trial bar last night.

As we wandered, we were impressed in particular by the extensive displays of hams, obviously a specialty that Spaniards clearly appreciate.

We also did some sightseeing among the vegetables and the seafood, even noticing octopus - pulpo - for sale in the pre-packaged area. A recipe for braised octopus in paprika sauce - pulpo a la gallega - can be found here. Of course this octopus is already cooked - cocido - so all you need to know is how to set the microwave.

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